North Central Wisconsin Area Online Meetings

Why Are We Creating Online/Web/Zoom Meetings?

In an effort to support the groups within the North Central Wisconsin Area during the COVID-19 pandemic, our area will be hosting a variety of online meetings every day as an alternative option to attending in-person meetings. As many of our facilities continue to temporarily close due to U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommendations, we recognized a need to still provide alternative meeting options.

Do Homegroups Have to Use Them?

We are NOT asking groups to switch to this format or use these meetings in replacement if they do not want to; it’s simply an alternative solution. The average meeting times in the evenings were about 7PM, so to stay consistent, we will offer meetings at 7PM every evening. There are some morning options as well, near or around the time of other morning meetings in our area.

Who Will Be in the Meetings?

We may have people join in from various cities throughout our area, as homegroups may direct people to attend these meetings while their meetings are temporarily closed. This is a great opportunity for unity and to hear from other people that normally are not in your meetings! We are looking to have a couple people chair each of these meetings.

How It Works

Simply click the Zoom link for each meeting to join, we recommend that you join 15 MINUTES BEFORE the meeting starts to deal with any technical difficulties you may have.
*If you are on a computer, the link should run and bring you to follow prompts to join the meeting.
*If you are on a tablet or phone, it will prompt you to download the app and create a free account before working.

Evening Meetings, Every Night:
Sunday – Saturday, 7 PM to 8:30 PM

Meeting ID: 422 332 9895

Meeting Password: 612149

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